About VRNRG Books

About us

VRNRG Books is a division of VRNRG dedicated to the development of tools and experiences of reading and diffusion of the book in virtual reality scenarios and formats.

In VRNRG we eNeRGize Virtual Reality by providing vertical solutions to the industry, particularly in the areas of customer acquisition, retention and monetization, as well as designing and developing VR experiences.


VR-Pub Project

VRNRG Books is developing its own VR-Pub publishing format, which is based on the automated conversion of ePub files into others supported by virtual reality platforms and environments. VR-Pub will allow text conversion and will have an extended version with 3D embedded features.

VR-Pub will become an independent platform with open access to publishers, and will have a free ePub to VR-Pub conversion service, plus other premium features.

About VRNRG Books